Sunday, November 18, 2012

JSTARS Family Day

We FINALLY got to see Kelly’s “desk in the sky” a couple weeks ago. Robins AFB was having a JSTARS family day. JSTARS is the plane Kelly works and flies on at home and overseas. He has is very own desk and computer where he does intelligence. We got to tour the plane, look at some weapons, and eat hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. Here are the pictures we took. For the record, that gun was VERY heavy and the picture was Kelly’s idea. J

As you can see the plane is very impressive looking.

It is a little old and 70's looking inside but better than I was expecting...Kelly doesn't talk it up too much.


Kenzie said...

Oh so much fun!!! What a cool desk!

Melissa said...

I like how you got a baby strapped to you and then the huge gun! It's quite the contrast!