Sunday, May 8, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April was a fun and BUSY month. Here are some things we did:

The Atlanta Temple Youth Cultural Celebration. With the costumes done, the dance and music learned, and the host families and other logistics ready to go-18 of our youth headed to Atlanta on the 29th to participate in the celebration for Pres. Monson. You can see our ward below. Don't they look sharp? Because tickets were limited, I watched it later and I will say, they looked pretty good. For personal reasons, my favorite video is here. Gotta love Newsies. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our youth. I am glad they got to do this. Although it was hard work for MANY people, they really bonded and did something worthwhile.

Easter Sunday-Daphne's first of many. No pictures in her dress, sorry! I just don't have patience for that sometimes, especially if it's nap time. Kalli and I played our violins in my ward and then she and my mom helped me teach the lesson in YW.

I filled her eggs with quarters-one for each tooth she has.

Daphne has learned to chase Greycoat ALL over the house. In return, she laughs and starts crawling really fast EVERY time Kelly or I walk behind her because she thinks she's being chased. It's quite comical because sometimes we're just walking from room to room.

We went to Savannah with mom, dad, and Kalli for a night before Easter. Here we are watching a big ship with goods come in from the East. It was something I've never seen before.

We ate at the "Olde Pink House" in Savannah. Food was very yummy and nice. If you've read Scarlett, I think this is where the author gets her inspiration for the home Pierre Robillard lives in (Scarlett's grandfather)...

Mom and her yummy veggie wrap

It was a beautiful building. It was also a hot day. Mom was so happy she got to dip her feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time!

They arrived Wed. night and we decided last minute to go to the temple open house in Atlanta. My grandma and grandpa McCuistion served their mission in this temple, so it was neat to visit it with my parents. I am glad it has re-opened as it will allow us to visit more often. My sister in law Katie received her endownment here. So, there are ties in this temple. Kelly and Daphne were at home since Kelly worked late.

Me and Birday

And yes, we are the only people in civilian clothes. I think we looked like we weren't LDS. My whole ward was there at the time because it was our day to volunteer, so I was a little embarrassed, but I soon forgot to be since I was in the temple.

Daphne likes to stare out the window...don't worry, I do take her outside if I'm feeling extra nice.:)

She is so happy after naps.

Daphne and I went to NM for a VERY short trip-3 nights and only two full days-to surprise Kalli. To surprise her, my mom walked outside to find Kalli with Daphne in arms and Kalli said "who is that baby? Is that Daphne?" Then I showed up and we all hugged and cried. It was fun. Kalli gave us Russian booties which I wear all the time.

The tears were from the 5 sisters. It was the first time we'd been together in a long time. Here we are in our pajamas and glasses with no makeup watching old videos we made and probably on Facebook.

My mom hired some spa ladies to turn her bedroom into a ladies spa where we were treated to a massage, pedicure, and/or facial for only $20 each (I'm sure we only payed part of it). Here is Grandma Hakes thoroughly enjoying her pedicure. It was a nice treat! Kalli was told she had the worst feet. I guess trudging through many feet of snow in Russia will do that to you.

Here is Daphne enjoying her cousin Clayton. Clayton is very good with kids. Unfortunately Daphne had a fever and was sick most of the time so she was a little clingy.

With Hailey and Cora. What beautiful girls!

Grandma got Daphne to be happy by showing her glasses. If I come in to Daph's room in the morning with my glasses, she immediately notices and tries to take them off. It's like she's saying, "these look weird on you and I don't recognize you." So, I'm hinting at Lasix, Kelly.

Precious moments

Not so happy right now. I love Lucas in the background.

To brag about Kelly: He passed his check ride, which is his final flight meaning he received his wings and is officially and Airborne Intelligence Officer. He passed the German Language test so we can continue to receive a little income for that, and he passed his PT test. All of this was done in one week. So to celebrate, we had hamburgers...of course. The military life can be very challenging, but I feel very provided for and I am very grateful for that.
And no, we haven't had enough rain showers.
Currently in May, I am planting a garden, Kelly visited AL to clean up tornado wreckage,
we had the temple dedication, we've both had the flu, Daphne and I visited the firehouse with
some friends from Playgroup, and we're getting ready to go swimming. It's fun living in GA.