Thursday, March 3, 2011


The weather in Georgia has been amazing! We have enjoyed 60s and 70s and even 80s with some humidity. I went with my friend to the park one day to swing with Daphne and it was divine. Daphne and I have been riding bikes together since I got my bike and trailer. I love it!

Daphne and her friend Everett in too big swings

The highlight of February would have to be our trip to Charleston. We went over President's Day weekend. We had trouble finding a good deal bidding on Priceline and realized why when we got to Charleston. It was the annual Southeastern Wildlife Expo...must be a hit because it was busy! We stayed downtown to avoid long car rides into town with a baby. We arrived Saturday around 5pm and went straight to Jestines. Last time we visited Charleston with Carrie, we ate there and really liked it. It didn't disappoint. I got their pecan crusted chicken sandwich and Kelly got a Oyster Po Boy. A couple was very nice and let us have the bigger table so Daphne could enjoy herself more.

Afterward we walked around a bit and headed to the hotel room. Daphne was tired and we were ok to head back. We decided traveling with a baby is totally different because you go to bed earlier since there is nothing to do. And we really were ok with that.

The next morning we went to church. It was a nice ward with lots of visitors. Afterward we stopped at 5 Guys to eat a burger before heading back to the hotel to take a nap. The nap didn't happen so we headed out to catch the ferry for Fort Sumter. Well, we thought walking would be quicker and it wasn't. We ended up walking about 2 miles while carrying Daphne just to miss the ferry. It was nice seeing the downtown though. We walked our way back through Market Street and I bought an ice cream. We headed back to the hotel for a little bit before going to Fleet Landing Restaurant for dinner. Daphne was very charming. We walked around the pier and the French Quarter afterward. It was so beautiful outside.

Monday morning I slipped out of the hotel room early to let Kelly rest since he was flying the next day. I took Daphne back to the pier and it was soo beautiful. It was around 7am and the only other people out there were dads or moms in pajamas with their kids. It made me laugh to myself. I picked up Dunkin Donuts on the way back. I ran back to Market Street and bought a few souvenirs. I realized to late I could have haggled more. Oh well.

We checked out of our hotel room and headed to Fort Sumter. It was lovely. The ferry was crowded, but it was a great history lesson. Daphne fell asleep in my arms which she never does. We were getting ready to head home when I realized my phone was missing. After an hours search with a very patient child, we found no phone. It was very sad. A week later I have a new phone-thank heavens for upgrades.
Daphne loves to drink water from a straw. Or to drink water period.

She loves to smile for the camera to. And also for the mirror.

Kelly bathing Daphne in the hotel sink!

Flower garden near the pier

My little darling

There is something magical about that carrier

The pier in Charleston

Fort Sumter

Coming back into Charleston from Fort Sumter

Daddy/daughter who look so much alike!

Our third anniversary was March 1st. To celebrate we went to Ruby Tuesday's without Daphne. Our neighbor watched her free of charge! It was a quiet dinner! I made homemade ice cream in our soft serve machine that I got from Kelly for our wedding. We hadn't done that in a while. I also got out Rockband to play, something else we haven't done in a while. We were too tired to play though...ha ha.

As we settle into March, we are seeing a new Daphne. She is less happy. It makes me kind of sad. I'm wondering if it is related to her constant thick runny nose and watery eyes? She doesn't seem to have a fever. Or, maybe she getting older and knows what she wants more? Either way, she keeps me on my toes! She is crawling all over the place and I've caught her standing in her crib...yikes! She is very precious though and I think I love her most when she is curled up asleep in child's I know why they call it that.

Kelly is training on the JSTARS now. His flights are intense but he is doing well. He will finish in a couple months and we'll hear more about deployments then. I'm still waiting for him to get his POW training photos developed...hopefully soon.