Sunday, June 13, 2010

What, I'm in the Thirties!!

No, I don't mean my age. For some reason, it hit us that I am 31 weeks pregnant now. Wow, time flies! Actually, when I think about finding out around Thanksgiving time, I am reminded at how long a pregnancy really is. I'm still not feeling any rush to have this little girl. The more we settle in, the more ready I do feel. Kelly isn't feeling any rush either, but that doesn't mean we aren't excited! Her name will be Daphne Wood, not sure of the middle name yet. Thanks all for voting! Since I was so horrible at posting picture of my growing bump, here is a blog post dedicated to memories of our pregnancy thus far.

Jump ahead to 31 weeks pregnant! This is today. Yay for growing baby. She is going to be at least 7 pounds, I propose. Hopefully not nine! Kelly and I were both in the nines. I'm prepping for epidural-free labor. I just want to be prepared for anything to happen. Preparation has calmed many of my fears about childbirth. Still to come, pictures of the nursery.

Yep, its a girl! This is 16 week sonogram.

Kelly made a couple burp cloths for Daphne! He had never sewn before. They look great!

18 weeks pregnant!

It actually said it was a girl! Sorry that it's a picture of my pee. We tested this at 15 weeks. Accuracy is about 70%.

Yay for Intelligender! $30 at

House Hunting at week 14. Having a feel good day.

Entry on our Adventure to Georgia!

Wow, I have wanted to post some baby pictures for sometime now, but have not! Let me give you an update on what the Woods have been up to the last couple of months. April, we went toHawaii for one week as a last hoorah before Daphne joins the family (yes, her name is Daphne).

First of May, I finished working at South Davis Community Hospital. I miss my co-workers. I made good friends and loved the experiences I had there. I loved having the opportunity to work and help save for our beautiful home. They threw me a fun party before I left!

May 5th, movers packed up our apartment and sent our stuff to Georgia for two weeks storage. May 8th, we moved out of our apartment and into the TLF on base (temporary lodging facility). It was "pet friendly" to allow Greycoat, so a little ghetto as you can imagine. She hated staying indoors for one week. During that week, Kelly's parents came up and we got to hang out with them and Chris, Carly, and their family. Kelly’s parents drove one of our cars to New Mexico, which was very nice! Sunday, the 15th, we waved good-bye to South Ogden, UT. It was hard saying good bye to so many wonderful friends. We hope to stay in touch with all we met there. We stayed in Orem that night and Mitch and Pam’s home. It was nice to see them and Katelyn and Matt before heading out. The next day, we made the long journey to Las Cruces.

Wonderful times in Las Cruces! We saw lots of family and had the baby shower with good friends from there. It was great to see everyone. While there, I got a horrible flu, and then gave it to Kelly, my mom, dad, Kimball, and Colin. Did I miss anyone? Fun stuff. It didn't stop us; we were only a third of the way to Georgia.

Sunday, the 22nd, my mom, Kelly, Greycoat, and I in both of our cars loaded down with lots of stuff traveled to Carlsbad, NM to see the Bluth family. This is when Mom got her flu, our one day in Carlsbad. Sorry mom! It was a bad case of stomach virus. She stayed quarantined in her bedroom while Kelly and I hung out with Cami and the kids. We drove around Carlsbad and looked at different lots Cami is considering building a home on and then ate lunch at the Pecos Restaurant. I loved living a day in the life of Cami-she is a busy mother and woman! Kelly and I went to the Caverns that afternoon, something I had never experienced before. Lots of walking, but amazing sites! I cannot believe it is all natural.

Mom recovered mostly by the next day (Tuesday), so we headed toward Burleson, TX. This is where the fun begins, and I don't just mean the fun of seeing Katie and Joe and kids (which was so fun!!). On the way to Burleson, I called the moving company to let them know AGAIN that wewould be in Warner Robins, GA on Friday as planned and to go ahead bring our stuff from storage. Well, their report was that they had been slammed and they could only unload Wednesday (the next day) or we'd have to wait two weeks for our stuff!

After much debate and thinking, we decided Kelly would stop in Burleson for dinner only and then drive all night to make it by 10am when the movers planned to bring our things. AHHH! My mom and I considered going too, but I realized I am not great at staying awake since being pregnant and my mom doesn't drive well at night. We had a nice evening with Joe and Katie and kids. Joe had the night off and Katie made a wonderful dinner for us. It was so fun to see them. Katie is due a couple of weeks after me, so we got a picture of our belly's kissing (kissing cousins).

Poor Kelly. I set my alarm to call him every hour throughout the night. He did well staying awake. He listened to Rumors of War by Dean Hughes, one of my favorite novel series. He said it actually kept him awake. He made it to Warner Robins (WA) just in time to get the key to our lovely new home and meet the movers. Meanwhile, mom and I get up at 530 and take off on our adventure to Georgia, the same drive Kelly just made.

Woops, though, because Kelly has the GPS. My phone has GPS capabilities, but loses battery power quickly and I left my car charger in Las Cruces. Let's just say that a 13 hour drive took us 16 hours! We got lost several times in shady and non-shady parts of Alabama. It's a miracle my mom and I are still talking this day. Just kidding. But, Dad and Joe saved the day by guiding us through parts of Alabama over the phone. We arrived to our beautiful home at 10pm that night and found Kelly zonked out on the couch after a long 36 hours. It was very cute. Greycoat held her pee all 16 hours-good cat. We missed being able to hang out with the Blancs in Shreveport. We hope to see you soon!

Kelly was promoted to Captain the weekend we arrived! It is very exciting to leave the ranks of Lieutenant. He doesn’t start his training for this new job till November, which means he has lots of free time at work and can help out when the baby comes. Not sure why the AF does some things it does.

Since our arrival, we have been busy making our house a home. Mom was here for a few days and helped out a lot. The responsibility of being a home owner leaves us overwhelmed at times. Plus, we don't know anything about Georgia climate or bugs, which seem to be our greatest challenge right now. There are some strange things growing out there. We love having a place of our own in a cute neighborhood. Our ward seems great. The church is true wherever you go, which is great. I love that no matter where you go, the people in the church have the same goal as yourself; they just have different situations, blessings, and trials along the way. We all learn from one another.

It really gets green here! If only there weren't so many bugs and it wasn't so humid, I would love to go in the backyard!

Google Map of our Route to Georgia.

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