Sunday, February 26, 2012

September 2011

September was a very big photo month!
First off: Daphne had her first solo photo shoot. I found this adorable ballerina outfit and knew she had to wear it. Kelly put his Nikon to some good use and we had the most active photo shoot. Some things I remember from the shoot:

 1. She wouldn't sit still or smile without a huge workout on mom's part.

 2. Daphne's little shoes wouldn't stay on her feet!

3. She almost completely destroyed the flowers while we asked her to “smell” them

  4.In this photo she is watching me begin a run and leap right behind the camera so she will smile and look at the camera

 5. But somehow they turned out and she looks adorable.

 6. Even if she kept trying to do her fish face

Secondly: Before Kelly deployed again, we had an overnighter in Atlanta just the two of us! My friend Megan watched Daphne for a night while we experienced our first night away since she was born. We went to the Bodies Human exhibit. We shopped in various stores, including Ikea, for as long as we liked. We did the Temple. We ate at the Colonnade restaurant, which I recommend if you’re looking for good Southern. Unfortunately I have had so much Southern that I didn’t love it. We shopped at more stores and went swimming in the hotel pool. Well we tried, but it rained and the Jacuzzi wouldn’t get warm. The next morning we went to Olympic Park and went to the Coke museum store. It was a very nice 36 hours. (Photos at bottom)

Third: Carrie and Meese stopped by for a night. Carrie was moving to Boston and Meesa came along for the adventure. We took them to Atlanta since we had to take Meesa to the airport. Below you'll see pictures of us in Olympic Park. Carrie and I went to The Help together. I loved that book and the movie was pretty awesome too.

Fourth: Kely left for Doha, Qatar. But before he left we got insome lunch dates and Monkey Joe’s with Daphne. We were sad to see him leave, of course. We are grateful for Skype. Last deployment we were unable to use Skype so this was a huge treat. He flew on the JSTARS, which do recon missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. He said there wasn’t a whole lot of activity on those 15 hour flights. I guess that’s good! Deployment is a lonely boring time when you’re not flying. From the pictures he sent, it looks hot and white. (photos at bottom)

Meanwhile, to pass the time I visited Bear in Boston for conference weekend. After a crazy first night with Daphne in the apartment with noisy roommates, I was almost ready to go home. But, we checked into a hotel room and enjoyed the last 2 nights in the beautiful city of Boston. It’s very alive and exciting. Not exactly a place to visit with toddlers! But, I loved seeing Bear’s life. 

BCM with Bear

Love this one!

  The big event is Daphne learned to walk!! She took her first steps the few days before Kelly left, but really starting walking every where the day he left! Figures...

My tomato plant attracted an ugly big caterpillar who ate all the leaves because I thought he was too cool to remove until Kelly saw it. Unfortunately by then the plant was bare!

Daphne gained new interest in books


Here she is opening her gifts. Dallin was born in November

Monkey Joe's
Daddy's gone!

D began Mother's Morning Out!

Paul Revere

Jared and Ron made us dinner one night, since they live in Boston. It was so nice catching with family!

More Boston!

Kelly's tiny room in Qatar

Kelly working on the JSTARS jet

The base-Al Udeid

His "home"-I'm struck with how white and hot it looks

Our getaway-the coke museum in ATL


Olympic Park

Meese and Bear

Gymnastic names-Gold medal winning team 96

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to Catch Up and Some News

Watch out! I'm about ready to catch up on this blog. Kelly is home for a three-day weekend which means I can hand off Daphne to him for a bit. 

Obviously I'm not a dedicated blogger, but I was reading over some past posts and I enjoyed the memories laid out so nicely. So, I am going to try again. 

What strikes me about past blogs posts is how much Daphne has changed and I LOVE it. I like big girls. I like her independence, even if it brings some attitude. She is a real person with a real personality and it's amazing to me and I truly enjoy it.

Kelly and I are happy to announce there will be a new baby in da house! Due date September 6th. My dad says I'll be giving labor on labor day...oh how he enjoys word play. Glad I'm on the downhill for sickness because let's be honest, I hate feeling like I have the flu everyday. All I've accomplished the past 6 weeks is growing a baby inside me and keeping the current one alive and reasonably happy (I think most women would agree that's pretty good). No projects done, no meals cooked, no organizing (gasp). In a way it's good Kelly has been gone since I don't cook or bake and I feel less like a failure in that regard when it's just for me and Daph. Hopefully all that is about to end. And, I'm more excited for the baby to come than I was with Daphne. We feel very blessed!