Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Good Films

We recommend...

4.5 Stars

4 Stars (Cassi), 4 Stars-at least (Kelly)

5 Stars

A Good Day

So, I felt almost GREAT today! Why? I have no idea.

I didn' t have to take Zofran-not like Zofran gets rid of my nausea completely

I craved a Keva badly

I didn't know how to get one

I didn't have my car today because I carpooled

But, my awesome boss let me borrow her car to fulfill my craving. THANK YOU!

I made dinner all by myself tonight

And ate 3 square meals for once.

Let's see what tomorrow brings

I could be ushering in the nausea/vomitting-free 2nd trimester

Or, I just had a good day and tomorrow is back to normal

I have a feeling I'm not out of the water yet

Either way, I feel very blessed and want to say


Not to mention, I am blessed with a good husband

Who dumped my recycle without even asking

And filled my car with gas

Picked up my prescription

And was kind when I didn't cut his hair correctly. You're the best my dear.

Photo by Katelyn McCuistion Risenmay

At this stage of our dating, did we know we'd be parents together? It's hard to imagine.