Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Woods went down to Georgia

We're moving to Georgia! I found out today that we'll be PCS'ing (aka moving) to Robins Air Force Base outside of Macon, GA. There I'll be flying on the back of a JSTARS plane (see below) and doing something intel-wise. So, instead of staring at a computer on the ground, I'll be staring at a computer at 40,000ft.

It wasn't our first choice of places to move, but I think we're both excited. I'm excited to try out a new job and eat every day at Waffle House. Cassi is excited to quote Gone With The Wind non-stop. And Greycoat is excited to meow with a Southern accent.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

Conference was wonderful. Besides being able to watch from home, put away other tasks for the weekend, and eat good food, we heard inspiring messages from the Lord's Prophets, Seers, and Revelators. I felt very inspired by all of the talks. Some of the messages I loved were about working hard, stewardship, recognizing sin as sin and not trying to make laws to cover it up, missionary work, and protecting and uplifting the family. I also love listening to talks and thinking about other people I love listening, and hoping they find strength in what is being said.

It's also amazing to think other members of the church around the globe are listening to the same message for similar reasons. It is unifying. And lastly, the music is wonderful. I feel very good when I hear the hymns sung by the choir.

This year, Kelly and I watched at home together. On Sunday, we drove down to SLC to watch the last session in the Conference Center with my sister Meesa, her "friend" Colin, and her roommate and friend, Natassja Hill. Colin is getting baptized next Saturday, so this was a special day for him. Conference is a unique part of our religion, so it was great to see his reaction to it. He was amazed by all of the Mormons. He is from New Mexico. OK, so here are some pix from today.

It was very cold and rainy by this time. Good ol' Utah

Meesa and Colin

Plus Natassja-love the hair, Natassja!

Kelly and I saw the photographer who takes picutres for the Ensign walking around. We kept trying to make good poses so he would come our way. He walked by us twice and we walked by him several times, but he managed to avoid us and find 3 other families/people to take pictures of. I told Kelly to wear his uniform next time. Kelly says we aren't good looking enough.

We should find out pretty soon where we PCS (move) to. It seems as if all of our plans lie in that decision. So, we are waiting...but still very excited and nervous to find out. I love this time of year!