Sunday, March 18, 2012

November 2011: Las Cruces!

Spending 3 weeks in Las Cruces, visiting my family and Kelly's parents was a great way to get a break. I As you can see we had lots of fun! Poor Kelly missed out. Unfortunately on my way home all my luggage and wallet were stolen out of Kimball's car. I lost so many clothes, shoes, laptop, makeup, jewelry, hair products and flat iron, daphne's expensive gear, and random things. It was so tragic. Even now I still wonder where something is and then remember it was stolen. Kelly says I'll be using that excuse to buy things for years....I am grateful our insurance reimbursed us with 2/3 of the money we claimed, even if that was a lot of annoying work!

In LC at Grandpa and Grandma Hakes'. Daphne found a cat in one of my mom's model homes and needless to say  we still have it.

Pushing strollers all over the house

Oh what fun on the slide. She only fell off once!

Isn't it so beautiful in fall?

Grandpa Wood treated us to see the animals at NMSU

Mom and I all dressed up to attend Dad's bank Thanksgiving party. Too bad I lost that dress and pearl necklace in a week.

Random, but cute Thanksgiving day photo of Aunt Debbie and Mom

I love this temple. I love getting to see it when we visit family.

Seeing the temple lights with the family after Thanksgiving. 

October 2011: Playdates and Halloween

During October I did my best to stay busy with friends, projects, and my calling to keep my mind off of Kelly being gone. Daphne had her first nightmare after he left, which was sad. They are common now when something new happens or someone leaves. I hate thinking about what she might be dreaming. Daphne also started getting very clingy to me this month. I became very sneaky when leaving her somewhere. With Daphne walking now I began to feel a new sense of freedom. We cheered Kelly on from afar by skyping as much as his schedule allowed.

The rest of the month is explained below.

One of her first days at Mother's Morning Out

Making jam at my friend Megan's house with her little "helpers"

This girl loves to read books!

She learned how to dress up all on her own

Shopping with Ori and Sia

Reading her card from Daddy who's in Qatar

More dress up

Picking up Grandma Hakes in Olympic Park-sadly no pictures of Grandma

We were trying not to get wet but Daphne loved the fountains

Trying to fill Dad's shoes by taking Daph to Petsmart

Even though it's October, Daphne still loves putting on her swim gear

Daphne is a JSTARS for Halloween-made by mom (can't you tell?)

I am Kelly and Daphne is his jet for Halloween-aren't we his biggest fans?

But the costume didn't make it to Trunk or Treat or Halloween day

Handing out candy
Blake the cute dog and Daphne the little lion

Here's Kelly on his air desk. So handsome