Friday, September 23, 2011

Deployment 2

I have posted too many pictures of the last four months. Kelly is packing for Doha Qatar right now. He leaves pretty soon and will return the beginning of December. I hope to be more regular in my blogging since he wants a picture of Daphne everyday. Safe travels my dear. We will really miss you.


August is actually not as hot as July. Anyway, we spent the first week of it in Las Cruces, which is the best kind of vacation for me. Daphne has lots of family to entertain her and I have all sorts of freedom to take off. Kelly enjoyed seeing his parents and helping his dad around the yard. Karl had a big scare when he got over heated and passed out. We didn't take any pictures! The pictures I have are from Cami. 

 At home she looks so cute in her big M&M shirt. She loves to "read' her books to herself sometimes.

 She thinks Kelly's phone is hers...his is from like 1999. 

If I ever open the fridge with Daphne inthe room, she makes a run for it to get the grape drawer open. She loves grapes and can even pick them off the vine herself. 

 The big family event was Alyssa's baby blessing. It was fun to have everyone there!

 My sisters are hot, don't you think? So are my sisters-in-law. For some reason I don't have any pictures of them!

this guy is single and looking to marry!


We didn't do much in July but the day-to-day things. We left the end of the month for NM. Here are some random pictures of July

She likes to take her "tat" everywhere. Kelly bought her another one just in case we lose this one. 

 This is cool-sequence of photos when she stands up and pushes while walking for the first time

 Can't get enough of greycoat

 Like I said-little messes. she was even eating the raw oats!

Officially clapping hands!


Lots of pictures because it includes our little girl's first birthday party. It combined with Kelly's birthday and it was a great excuse to finally get friends over for a BBQ.
I competed in my first sprint triathlon in June. It was really fun! I want to do another one.

Kelly got a grill for his first real Father's Day-we've really enjoyed using it.

 My Laurel, Tesla, graduated and received her YW recognition award. Here we are at her house with a surprise party to celebrate.

 Girl's Camp! It's different here in that leaders only come up for skits and devotionals and then leave. I was bummed about that initially, but when it was 95 degrees, no A/C and 90% humidity, I was ok with it.

Daphne the queen of messes. For any of who wonder what this mom does all day-cleans up after Daph (we play a little too. )

 And we go swimming

 Which is great for wearing kids out

 And eat lots of watermelon in GA

 Happy Birthday little Daphne! celebrating at Monkey Joe's

First scooter from Grandma Wood 

I completely weaned her a week or so after her 1st birthday. FREEDOM! Though, I miss my nursing appetite and energy expenditure

 Miss Carrot-likes to chew on carrots especially when she gets a new tooth

I caught her getting into her birthday presents... 

Happy First Birthday-right after she wakes up 

 Playing with her toys-she does this almost every morning for about 30-45 minutes. We change her and give her milk and she's set to play...highly recommend this. This is usually when I work out since Kelly is still home.

After she ate breakfast, we went on a bike ride to the elementary school nearby to swing, another Daphne favorite 

 Playing at Monkey joe's on her birthday

 Her birthday meal favorites: beans, avocado, cheese, watermelon, and milk

 Joint party for Kelly and daphne: Hello Kitty theme!
Got this recipe online

 Had lots of fun decorating

 Another favorite: chasing "tat"

 Swimming at the party

 Carter and his Dad-neighbors and friends

 The Bells-god friends from church

 Miss Party girl was not too happy that night. She didn't want to eat anything but watermelon and cried when someone else at it until she got it.

 Chocolate chip cake for Kelly and Hello Kitty for daphne

 And she also cried when it was her turn to do the pinata

 Hasn't had candy yet so we gave it to friends

 After about 30 minutes of refusing to eat her cake, she finally tried it and thoroughly enjoyed it!