Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blessing Day!

We had a blast in Las Cruces!!
Some fun memories:

Blessing Daphne-daddy did a great job!
Free babysitting-Kelly and I dared to get ice cream and eat lunch alone-maybe when we visit in October, we'll go see a movie...maybe :) (Thanks Janelle!!)
Seeing lots of family!
Daphne's fist plane ride...she did as good as you can expect a 2 month old to do
Showing off Daphne's smiles, cooing, pooping, and rolling over skills
Kimball took us to the lake and I skied for the first time in two years! Kelly also got up skiing, and he said he had done it once in his whole life, and that was in high school...way to go!
Tubing=sore for several days, as well as sunburned.
Thanks Mom for watching Daphne, thanks Kimball for taking us and Carrie and Meese and Josh for coming, and Melissa K for letting me borrow her breast pump!!!
Kelly ate Jake's green chili cheeseburger and felt sick for a while-yet he wanted another one the next day-I love him!
Going to Zumba with the girls!
Learning to be more flexible as a mother-important
Fun vacation left us grateful and tired-traveling with a baby is lots of work!
We are doing it again in October-are we crazy?

Look at her hands!! She was extra sleepy that day.

The Hakes clan. Missing the Bluths, Birday, and the Burleson Hakes'

The Hakes' and the Woods