Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, we've considered giving up the blog over the last few months. I mean, we never really post. Up until this week, neither computer was working. Our desktop is still a little out of commission. I can't believe how much I need a computer. A little Droid doesn't accomplish much but browsing. Anyway, I don't keep a blog book because I do photo albums, and when I do post, it takes me well over an hour ...but, I do love reading family and friends' blogs so I guess it's not over yet. It's a creative outlet that I can get into sometimes. Plus, I feel so far away from everyone living in GA, and I don't want to! BTW, I really like Georgia.

Kelly is easy going about moving, but I think he'll like it more when his job becomes more fulfilling. He is spending the month at Fairchild AFB in Washington State for Survival School. He spent the last week trudging through the snow living on little calories and sleep. This week he will be tortured and learn the proper way to resist...poor guy. He'll receive good pampering when he returns next weekend. I'm excited for him to see Daphne!

Meanwhile, I've been hanging out with Daphne and some friends and trying to keep busy so I don't miss him too much! Here are some cool things that have happened this month:

Snow in the deep South-very rare. So rare school was canceled for two days! It was canceled up North in Atlanta for a week! Do you see the smallest snowman ever on the windowsill?

Another small snowman, but bigger than his brother. Since school was canceled some of the YW came to my house to hang out with me and play with Daphne. It was so fun! The house was full of noise which was a nice break from just me and Daphne. Plus, they built these two snowmen.

Daphne ready for church in her cape from her daddy. Church without Kelly is an interesting experience. He usually takes care of her for me so I can run around doing stuff...absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it also makes one realize how helpful their spouse is! Also, pat on the back for parents at church with young kids.

"We seek after these things" theme for New Beginnings complete with this beautiful cake made by Tallie Bell!

And-I recommend "Minute to Win It" for a church activity or family game. It is soo fun! We played as a family at Christmas, courtesy of Katie and Melissa. I decided to do it for the Joint Mutual this month and everyone loved it. Even the ones who usually come because they have to got involved for at least the Oreo one and were laughing...yay!! Prayers are answered.

The Holidays

I don't blog enough to ever get the picture loading thing right! It's all in reverse order just so you know! But it goes back to Halloween. Thanksgiving we spent with Kelly's parents here in Warner Robins. Yes, I cooked my first meal, but Janelle and Karl did most of it and they did great! I loved having them here (and Kelly and daphne did too of course). Christmas was spent in Las Cruces. Some other pictures of the cabin with the Hakes family are on FB. New Years we spent back home in good ol GA. Enjoy!

Nutella and banana goodness please!

Crepes on New Years Eve! Yum yum. Our new tradition. "Traditiooonnnnnn! Tradition!"

Kelly took these when I wasn't home-I found about 15 different photos. That's less than last year. :) I love my hubbs.

Love this little hat made especially for Daphers by her dear Aunt Carly.

Lighting luminarias at the Woods' home

Dear Grandma Wood is so good to Daphne!

Dear Grandpa Wood with his granddaughter. He found someone who likes TV more than he does!

Us with dear Grandpa McCuistion

The Hakes gang

Kelly did a great job on the Chrismtas lights-it took him all day. He put the lights up very evenly with plastic hooks. I was very impressed. I insisted on the red light (a Kim Hakes specialty) and wanted to put a green one in too but couldn't find one-next year.

Christmas tree-right before our flight to New Mexico

Family photo 2010


Daddy/daughter-he only let me take this one picture

Peach ice cream and cobbler

Southern Lanes visitor Center

The whole cat family + Elvis. Kelly had to buy this last year for squadron initiation when he was in Vegas. We're just getting our 80 bucks worth.

As you can see, she just loved her headpiece!