Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Catch Up

Kelly and I recently found out we will see each other again on March 17th! Yes, only one (ish) more month. We have now lived apart longer than we have lived together in our marriage (6 and 5 months). It is kind of funny/irritating, mostly the latter. However, we know it could be worse.

This weekend I went to CA with Kelly's mom to visit his brother and sister-in-law and cute nephew. I used to feel weird hanging out with Kelly's family without him there, but luckily I have great in-laws and feel very welcomed! This is one of the nice parts of the deployment, getting to know his family. Sorry, I didn't take any pics, but they did, so maybe I will post some later.

Here is a picture of Kelly, however. This is the little church he goes to in Afghanistan. We are grateful the church is there. Oh, I received a really kind letter from the office of the First Presidency. It surprised me completely. They thanked us for his service. It meant so much to me because I often wish there was more guidance for deployed families. Anyway, thank you to everyone who serves our country, or who has given someone for it.