Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute Video

Daphne has gotten so big and grownup! She is 11 lbs 7 oz as of last week's doctor appointment. She is also 23 1/4 inches. She falls at the 10-25%ile for both of these, although nearer the 10th for her weight. Even though she is little, she has more than doubled her weight since birth! Yay!!

She is laughing all the time now and we are crazy about it. She is also a big thumb sucker. It is so cute to find her in her crib after he naps sucking her thumb. She is taking a bottle really well on the nights I am gone for church, which is a blessing. She loves our attention so much it is getting harder and harder to nurse her! We'll keep at it, though. She will probably enjoy Thanksgiving Day with a bit of rice cereal. Last Friday Kelly and I went out to eat at a place called Firehouse Subs. It's very good. While there, we let her lick a piece of our bread and she liked it! Oh, how fun it is for a dietitian to begin feeding her child. :)

I am staying super busy with my calling-which is so fun-and some friends I've made here! Kelly began training (finally) for his new job. He is learning how to detect dots. Just kidding-that is what he told me and then I made him explain. It's much more complicated than that. To make it short, he is learning to detect unusual activity on a map and then send the intel to other units in the Air Force/Army. It is something he will to in Afghanistan when he deploys next year. :(

We are having our first babysitter come this weekend. We're not sure what to do-maybe just take our time doing whatever.

Below is a cute video of our little girl.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love this German Apostle

Listen if you have's about 20 minutes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yep. Another growth spurt. Although I know it is good and important for Daphne to have these, it's kind of tiring for me. We're glad it came now so she can bulk up for her four month appointment in one week....yay for Daphne!

She's pretty cute though.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blessing Day!

We had a blast in Las Cruces!!
Some fun memories:

Blessing Daphne-daddy did a great job!
Free babysitting-Kelly and I dared to get ice cream and eat lunch alone-maybe when we visit in October, we'll go see a movie...maybe :) (Thanks Janelle!!)
Seeing lots of family!
Daphne's fist plane ride...she did as good as you can expect a 2 month old to do
Showing off Daphne's smiles, cooing, pooping, and rolling over skills
Kimball took us to the lake and I skied for the first time in two years! Kelly also got up skiing, and he said he had done it once in his whole life, and that was in high school...way to go!
Tubing=sore for several days, as well as sunburned.
Thanks Mom for watching Daphne, thanks Kimball for taking us and Carrie and Meese and Josh for coming, and Melissa K for letting me borrow her breast pump!!!
Kelly ate Jake's green chili cheeseburger and felt sick for a while-yet he wanted another one the next day-I love him!
Going to Zumba with the girls!
Learning to be more flexible as a mother-important
Fun vacation left us grateful and tired-traveling with a baby is lots of work!
We are doing it again in October-are we crazy?

Look at her hands!! She was extra sleepy that day.

The Hakes clan. Missing the Bluths, Birday, and the Burleson Hakes'

The Hakes' and the Woods

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

We had pictures taken of Daphne when she was 9 days old. They turned out great. It was one day before her umbilical cord fell off, so you can still see it in some of them. I think she'll enjoy looking at these someday. These photos were done by Lindsay Gray photography. Click here for her website.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is my Due Date! Craziness!

Ah, Motherhood. It is life changing which equals scary, wonderful, and hard all at the same time. The last six weeks were great, but a challenge for me. I'm sure most new moms can relate. I am glad we are at this point now. It gets better and better each day. She is more interactive and even gave me a few social smiles this week. It was great! She is still keeping me up at night, but that is okay, she is getting longer stretches sometimes. I am grateful to be a stay-at-home mom. Kelly got home from work a little early this week so I could go to a workout class on base. It was so fun! Someone in the class brought their baby that seemed about Daph's age and she started crying. When that happened, I melted and left the class early to go see her. Ha ha, pathetic, but it's true! Some things she does that we love:
Calms down when I sing to her (she is wondering what that horrible noise is)
Curls up on dad's chest
Is happy most days (cross my fingers)
Plays well in her crib
Looks like her dad
Sleeps with her arms up like an adult
Is learning to use her pacifier, which has ended up being a great thing to sooth her!
Has grown to 6lbs 9 oz at her one month appointment and probably weighs closer to 8 lbs now!

Kelly will be at survival training for the month of September, so...I booked a ticket to Las Cruces for a week. Thank heavens for family and for cheaper tickets. I can't wait to show her off! Poor Kelly, though. we will be blessing her the following month in Las Cruces as well.

Greycoat is often jealous/curious.

Avoiding Georgia bugs!

Ha ha. This is funny and cute.

Sticking her tongue out at her friend, the turtle.

They look a lot alike.

Censored bath time, which she loves. It calms her down a little because at night, she gets fussy.

I want matching outfits, and this was the best I could do.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Plan

Here are some photos of our new little girl.


Our little firecracker! Nothing fits this little girl.

Grandma teaching me how to give her a bath. So cute in her hooded towel!

Grandma and Grandpa Hakes. Grandpa Hakes was a surprise visit! I loved having them visit. Mom and I got our toenails done. It was so nice to do something together.

Sleepy Heads

Also, I heard this song today by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It made me think of the plan of salvation and how beautiful it is. Below are the lyrics.

In the quiet misty morning When the moon has gone to bed, When the sparrows stop their singing And the sky is clear and red,

When the summer's ceased its gleaming When the corn is past its prime, When adventure's lost its meaning - I'll be homeward bound in time

Bind me not to the pasture Chain me not to the plow Set me free to find my calling And I'll return to you somehow

If you find it's me you're missing If you're hoping I'll return, To your thoughts I'll soon be listening, In the road I'll stop and turn

Then the wind will set me racing As my journey nears its end And the path I'll be retracing When I'm homeward bound again

Bind me not to the pasture Chain me not to the plow Set me free to find my calling And I'll return to you somehow

(softly) In the quiet misty morning When the moon has gone to bed, When the sparrows stop their singing I'll be homeward bound in time

The Miracle Of Life

Below is my birth story. Sorry it is so long. I wanted to remember most details for my journal and for Daphne. I am going to post some pictures later this evening.

Sunday morning, the 27th, I was having some spotting and mild cramping. Kelly told me I wasn’t allowed to go to church and to stay off my feet. I did so, and started feeling better. That afternoon, however, I felt slightly worse and decided to call my OB and get his advice. He stated it was likely nothing to be concerned about. I felt more at ease and thought I would feel better come morning. I asked Kelly for a blessing to feel less anxious. I was worried our little girl wasn’t doing okay and needed some reassurance.

The next morning, I felt much better. I decided to do a light workout, very light. I went about my usual day, but mid morning I was cramping again. It felt like menstrual cramps, so I had no idea it was real labor. I felt it on and off all day. It wasn’t pleasant, and it was uncomfortable. Because I was worried, I called the OB again, and this time spoke to a Nurse. She repeated most of what the doctor had said the previous day and was confident it wasn’t labor. I had an appointment the following day, so I again was assured.

That night I asked Kelly to make dinner because I really wasn’t feeling great. He ordered pizza. J It was a relaxing evening, despite the cramps. I took a hot shower hoping they would stop, and it did temporarily. Not an hour later, I felt the cramping again and more spotting. Looking back now, I think to myself, you idiot, how could you not know you were in labor! It was just too soon. I wasn’t due for 6.5 weeks, so the thought of actually being in labor was crazy to me. Kelly and I made several jokes that day about Daphne coming so early. Despite all this, we just didn’t think it could actually happen this way. My pregnancy had been very healthy.

About 9:30pm, I told Kelly I just wanted to go to bed. We decided to lie in bed and watch The Magnificent Seven, an old western. The cramping continued. A couple of weeks prior, we downloaded an application for my Droid that times contractions. Jokingly, we decided to time my cramping. I even called my mom to let her know my concerns. I had avoided this all day because I didn’t want to sound overly concerned. She felt the same way the Doctor and Nurse did. It just didn’t seem likely that I would be in labor. I explained to her that my cramps felt like menstrual cramps and they were located in one area, my lower abdomen. One thing I learned in this is that contractions do not feel the same for every person. My mom said her contractions were all over, including her back. I had some back pain, but it was mostly in my lower abdomen. Now that I look back, I realize these “cramps” started small and increased in intensity, climaxed, and then decreased in intensity. Now, if I hadn’t been so in denial about going into labor, I would have realized they were true contractions.

Anyway, at 10:45pm Kelly and I are lying in bed, watching Magnificent Seven, and jokingly timing my contractions on the phone. After about 5 cramps, we realized there was some kind of pattern. They were coming 5-7 minutes apart and lasting for 60-90 seconds. A red flag began to wave. I decided to get some rest, but as soon as I did, I felt my water break. It was now 11:45pm. Now, without getting into details, having your water break is a very odd feeling. I knew it had to be my water breaking because I had never felt anything like it before. We called my mom back, and she said I needed to get to the hospital “STAT.” She said they would probably try and stop Daphne from coming since I was so early. I remember thinking, “great, I am going to be stuck in the hospital on bed rest for several weeks.” My sister did the same thing when her water broke early. My sister-in-law was also in the hospital for several weeks with twins.

However, as soon as my water broke, I began to have VERY intense contractions. The earlier contractions were very uncomfortable, but these were very painful, take-your-breath away. I tried to focus and breath, but I didn’t have enough mental preparation yet. I was 33.5 weeks pregnant for heaven’s sake! My plan all along was to go natural, and I was preparing for it by taking a natural childbirth class, reading about it, and trying to learn relaxation techniques. However, I had only been to this class once by this time. And, these contractions were coming very fast. My mom was on the phone and I remember her saying, “you’re having another one? You need to get to the hospital!”

Kelly was great. He thought quickly while I was doubled over in pain. He grabbed me a change of clothes, the camera, the phone chargers, and the car seat. I don’t know how he thought so fast, but I am grateful for him. We raced to the hospital, which was 25 miles away in Macon, GA. We called my doctor and was told to wait and hear b.ack from him, which we never did until he showed up in the delivery room. I decided I should time my contractions. They were three minutes apart at this time. Quickly they jumped to 2 minutes apart. By the time we arrived to the ER (at 12:30am), they were 45-60 minutes apart. Kelly dropped me off at ER entrance. I feel bad now that I cut in front of everyone else in the ER. They wheeled me up to the OB unit and made me sit there and sign in! Finally they checked me and said I was dilated to seven centimeters. The nurse left the room and Kelly and I could hear them talking about the baby being very low.

The next thing I know, they were wheeling me into the delivery room. All of a sudden, the room was full of people. I wasn’t paying too much attention because I was in pain, but Kelly said he was shocked by how many people were in the room. There was the Resident MD, my main nurse, Kristen, a couple of other nurses, and members of the NICU team because Daphne was premature. As soon as I arrived in the delivery room, I was checked again and told I was dilated to 10 cm! This baby was coming tonight. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized I was having a baby tonight.

Some things that happened in the delivery room: they gave me an IV with antibiotics in it since I hadn’t been tested for Strep B yet. They told me it was too late for any pain relief which gave me mixed feelings. The Resident MD asked if I could wait for the on-call OB doctor to show up before having the baby. I said flat-out “no, I haven’t even met this guy. You can deliver it, right?” I knew she could because my brother is a resident and has delivered several babies. She said she could. Kelly stood on my right side and let me grasp his hand very firmly. He gave me encouraging words, but mostly him letting me firmly hold his hand helped me. My nurse on the right, Kristen, was awesome. She explained what they were doing to me.

And then it was time to push. The contractions came less often as I began to push, every 3-4 minutes or so. Pushing didn’t feel as great as I was told it would. The only reason I liked pushing was knowing it would soon be over! The on call OB came in soon after I began pushing. He let the resident do most the work. I think I pushed for 10-15 minutes before my little girl came out. She had a head full of dark hair! The doctor estimated she would weigh 3 pounds, but as soon as I saw her, I knew she had to be about 5 pounds. She was 5 lb, 2 oz and 18 inches long. I wasn’t allowed to hold her right away because she was premie. It was kind of anticlimactic for that reason. The NICU team had to check some things before they gave her to me. I only waited a couple of minutes, but it seemed like forever. But then they placed her in my arms, and it was soooo surreal. I think I was still in shock at this point. Kelly and I just looked at each other with the thought “is she really ours?”

Over the next 24-48 hours, I slowly began to realize how blessed we were that Daphne was so healthy. She came out breathing on room air with the ability to eat without a tube. She had high scores on the APGAR tests, and left Level 2 nursery within 12 hours. They never had to supplement formula in the hospital because I was able to get some colostrum in her and her glucose level went up. Breastfeeding at home has brought challenges. I have learned to pray a lot about simple things, like how to get your daughter enough to eat or how to wake her up. I have learned patience; with much more to learn I am sure. Life isn’t about me or Kelly anymore; it’s about someone else who relies totally on us. It’s an adjustment, but it brings with it some great feelings of love and sacrifice. I also feel closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father. I am grateful he has given us the blessing of raising one of his children. She’s fresh from heaven.

Kelly and I are very grateful for our little daughter, Daphne Cathleen Wood. She sure surprised us, but we are glad she came when she did.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What, I'm in the Thirties!!

No, I don't mean my age. For some reason, it hit us that I am 31 weeks pregnant now. Wow, time flies! Actually, when I think about finding out around Thanksgiving time, I am reminded at how long a pregnancy really is. I'm still not feeling any rush to have this little girl. The more we settle in, the more ready I do feel. Kelly isn't feeling any rush either, but that doesn't mean we aren't excited! Her name will be Daphne Wood, not sure of the middle name yet. Thanks all for voting! Since I was so horrible at posting picture of my growing bump, here is a blog post dedicated to memories of our pregnancy thus far.

Jump ahead to 31 weeks pregnant! This is today. Yay for growing baby. She is going to be at least 7 pounds, I propose. Hopefully not nine! Kelly and I were both in the nines. I'm prepping for epidural-free labor. I just want to be prepared for anything to happen. Preparation has calmed many of my fears about childbirth. Still to come, pictures of the nursery.

Yep, its a girl! This is 16 week sonogram.

Kelly made a couple burp cloths for Daphne! He had never sewn before. They look great!

18 weeks pregnant!

It actually said it was a girl! Sorry that it's a picture of my pee. We tested this at 15 weeks. Accuracy is about 70%.

Yay for Intelligender! $30 at

House Hunting at week 14. Having a feel good day.

Entry on our Adventure to Georgia!

Wow, I have wanted to post some baby pictures for sometime now, but have not! Let me give you an update on what the Woods have been up to the last couple of months. April, we went toHawaii for one week as a last hoorah before Daphne joins the family (yes, her name is Daphne).

First of May, I finished working at South Davis Community Hospital. I miss my co-workers. I made good friends and loved the experiences I had there. I loved having the opportunity to work and help save for our beautiful home. They threw me a fun party before I left!

May 5th, movers packed up our apartment and sent our stuff to Georgia for two weeks storage. May 8th, we moved out of our apartment and into the TLF on base (temporary lodging facility). It was "pet friendly" to allow Greycoat, so a little ghetto as you can imagine. She hated staying indoors for one week. During that week, Kelly's parents came up and we got to hang out with them and Chris, Carly, and their family. Kelly’s parents drove one of our cars to New Mexico, which was very nice! Sunday, the 15th, we waved good-bye to South Ogden, UT. It was hard saying good bye to so many wonderful friends. We hope to stay in touch with all we met there. We stayed in Orem that night and Mitch and Pam’s home. It was nice to see them and Katelyn and Matt before heading out. The next day, we made the long journey to Las Cruces.

Wonderful times in Las Cruces! We saw lots of family and had the baby shower with good friends from there. It was great to see everyone. While there, I got a horrible flu, and then gave it to Kelly, my mom, dad, Kimball, and Colin. Did I miss anyone? Fun stuff. It didn't stop us; we were only a third of the way to Georgia.

Sunday, the 22nd, my mom, Kelly, Greycoat, and I in both of our cars loaded down with lots of stuff traveled to Carlsbad, NM to see the Bluth family. This is when Mom got her flu, our one day in Carlsbad. Sorry mom! It was a bad case of stomach virus. She stayed quarantined in her bedroom while Kelly and I hung out with Cami and the kids. We drove around Carlsbad and looked at different lots Cami is considering building a home on and then ate lunch at the Pecos Restaurant. I loved living a day in the life of Cami-she is a busy mother and woman! Kelly and I went to the Caverns that afternoon, something I had never experienced before. Lots of walking, but amazing sites! I cannot believe it is all natural.

Mom recovered mostly by the next day (Tuesday), so we headed toward Burleson, TX. This is where the fun begins, and I don't just mean the fun of seeing Katie and Joe and kids (which was so fun!!). On the way to Burleson, I called the moving company to let them know AGAIN that wewould be in Warner Robins, GA on Friday as planned and to go ahead bring our stuff from storage. Well, their report was that they had been slammed and they could only unload Wednesday (the next day) or we'd have to wait two weeks for our stuff!

After much debate and thinking, we decided Kelly would stop in Burleson for dinner only and then drive all night to make it by 10am when the movers planned to bring our things. AHHH! My mom and I considered going too, but I realized I am not great at staying awake since being pregnant and my mom doesn't drive well at night. We had a nice evening with Joe and Katie and kids. Joe had the night off and Katie made a wonderful dinner for us. It was so fun to see them. Katie is due a couple of weeks after me, so we got a picture of our belly's kissing (kissing cousins).

Poor Kelly. I set my alarm to call him every hour throughout the night. He did well staying awake. He listened to Rumors of War by Dean Hughes, one of my favorite novel series. He said it actually kept him awake. He made it to Warner Robins (WA) just in time to get the key to our lovely new home and meet the movers. Meanwhile, mom and I get up at 530 and take off on our adventure to Georgia, the same drive Kelly just made.

Woops, though, because Kelly has the GPS. My phone has GPS capabilities, but loses battery power quickly and I left my car charger in Las Cruces. Let's just say that a 13 hour drive took us 16 hours! We got lost several times in shady and non-shady parts of Alabama. It's a miracle my mom and I are still talking this day. Just kidding. But, Dad and Joe saved the day by guiding us through parts of Alabama over the phone. We arrived to our beautiful home at 10pm that night and found Kelly zonked out on the couch after a long 36 hours. It was very cute. Greycoat held her pee all 16 hours-good cat. We missed being able to hang out with the Blancs in Shreveport. We hope to see you soon!

Kelly was promoted to Captain the weekend we arrived! It is very exciting to leave the ranks of Lieutenant. He doesn’t start his training for this new job till November, which means he has lots of free time at work and can help out when the baby comes. Not sure why the AF does some things it does.

Since our arrival, we have been busy making our house a home. Mom was here for a few days and helped out a lot. The responsibility of being a home owner leaves us overwhelmed at times. Plus, we don't know anything about Georgia climate or bugs, which seem to be our greatest challenge right now. There are some strange things growing out there. We love having a place of our own in a cute neighborhood. Our ward seems great. The church is true wherever you go, which is great. I love that no matter where you go, the people in the church have the same goal as yourself; they just have different situations, blessings, and trials along the way. We all learn from one another.

It really gets green here! If only there weren't so many bugs and it wasn't so humid, I would love to go in the backyard!

Google Map of our Route to Georgia.

View Larger Map

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Sleep without spending $50?

Ok, so I am not supposed to sleep on my back anymore. So, what do you experienced mothers recommend? There is something called a snoogle. Is that necessary? My friend has one and she loves it, but maybe it isn't necessary. It might be nice for when I am bigger, though. Thanks for the tips!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February/Mustache March

It's been a big month for us. First, we flew to Georgia and picked out our first home. After driving around and going inside a few dozen houses, we finally picked the 2nd house we looked at: 206 Cheshire Drive

At the end of February we also found out the gender of our baby. It is (probably)...a girl! Now comes the hard part--picking out a name. Our top 4: Anneliese, Jane, Meg and Daphne. As terrible as we are at making decision, I'm not sure we'll ever pick one.

Cassi finally has her baby bump (kinda, sort of, and only if you know her and she's wearing something tight around the stomach). This is her a week ago when she was 18 weeks pregnant.

And Kelly is celebrating the air force tradition of "Mustache March" by sporting a hideous mustache and generally looking like Paul Blart.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Good Films

We recommend...

4.5 Stars

4 Stars (Cassi), 4 Stars-at least (Kelly)

5 Stars

A Good Day

So, I felt almost GREAT today! Why? I have no idea.

I didn' t have to take Zofran-not like Zofran gets rid of my nausea completely

I craved a Keva badly

I didn't know how to get one

I didn't have my car today because I carpooled

But, my awesome boss let me borrow her car to fulfill my craving. THANK YOU!

I made dinner all by myself tonight

And ate 3 square meals for once.

Let's see what tomorrow brings

I could be ushering in the nausea/vomitting-free 2nd trimester

Or, I just had a good day and tomorrow is back to normal

I have a feeling I'm not out of the water yet

Either way, I feel very blessed and want to say


Not to mention, I am blessed with a good husband

Who dumped my recycle without even asking

And filled my car with gas

Picked up my prescription

And was kind when I didn't cut his hair correctly. You're the best my dear.

Photo by Katelyn McCuistion Risenmay

At this stage of our dating, did we know we'd be parents together? It's hard to imagine.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Throw a Baby in the Mix

Most of you know, but Kelly and I are going to be parents! Our current due date is August 13th. If the military moves us, it will be Georgia baby. We are both so very excited! Kelly would love a girl, but would love a boy too, and I don't care. Well, some days I want a girl, and others a boy. It depends on the mood, you know. :)

After being sick today, I decided to write some things for which I am grateful:

  • The double bagged trash can in my office that caught my puke
  • A private office
  • Only having to talk to 3 patients about food today
  • The perk of free beverages and refills at work so I could sip Sprite all day
  • Saltines
  • Boiled eggs, for some reason
  • Text messages from Mom and Kelly
  • A pregnant co-worker
  • Sleep!
  • Knowing that being sick means baby is healthy :)
  • Kelly, because his excitement for being a dad reminds me to be excited
  • And the black market nausea meds I got from my sister-in-law...haven't used em yet, but getting close!
Week 10 coming up on Friday...can't wait for Trimester 2! It'll be fun to start showing! Despite how I sound, I (and we) feel very blessed to soon become parents.