Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute Video

Daphne has gotten so big and grownup! She is 11 lbs 7 oz as of last week's doctor appointment. She is also 23 1/4 inches. She falls at the 10-25%ile for both of these, although nearer the 10th for her weight. Even though she is little, she has more than doubled her weight since birth! Yay!!

She is laughing all the time now and we are crazy about it. She is also a big thumb sucker. It is so cute to find her in her crib after he naps sucking her thumb. She is taking a bottle really well on the nights I am gone for church, which is a blessing. She loves our attention so much it is getting harder and harder to nurse her! We'll keep at it, though. She will probably enjoy Thanksgiving Day with a bit of rice cereal. Last Friday Kelly and I went out to eat at a place called Firehouse Subs. It's very good. While there, we let her lick a piece of our bread and she liked it! Oh, how fun it is for a dietitian to begin feeding her child. :)

I am staying super busy with my calling-which is so fun-and some friends I've made here! Kelly began training (finally) for his new job. He is learning how to detect dots. Just kidding-that is what he told me and then I made him explain. It's much more complicated than that. To make it short, he is learning to detect unusual activity on a map and then send the intel to other units in the Air Force/Army. It is something he will to in Afghanistan when he deploys next year. :(

We are having our first babysitter come this weekend. We're not sure what to do-maybe just take our time doing whatever.

Below is a cute video of our little girl.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love this German Apostle

Listen if you have's about 20 minutes.