Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pumpkin Carving...A Little Late

We have a had a busy Fall this year! Kelly gave me a wonderful birthday. I was still adjusting to my job, so I was a little stressed on my birthday, but I guess that is the life of an adult. I think I am more adjusted now. I finally feel like I know most of my patients, and there are several (over 100, maybe 130), which really helps me know what I am doing at work.

Kelly is working with the 4th Fighter Squadron now, which is a different job for him. I think he likes it. He works with pilots most of the day. He enjoys the classified information he gets to teach them. Kelly is a news junkie, so his job is good for him...mostly. :) We are both excited for Georgia. We have been looking at houses online!

Yesterday, we got to see our friend, Emily Alley, and meet her adorable son, Johnny. He finally spoke to us as we were leaving. He said "bye." It was so good to see Emily. We love her and Johnny.

Halloween weekend we were in Arizona for my aunt's funeral. What an emotional family experience it was and continues to be. She was so loved. The Stake Center was full to the stage and back. We love the Haught Family and still think and pray for them. Family is what it's all about.

We finally carved pumpkins this year. As you can see, we still love our cat. We dyed eggs in June and carved pumpkins in November. It is the way of this Wood family, I guess! I feel so grateful that Kelly is here for the holidays and my birthday. It may not be this way next year, who knows.
The other two pix are for fun.

Kelly is so happy when she does that.

Yeah for Snuggies! Ha ha. A gift from Kelly for my bday.

Kelly did most of it. I supported.

The cat has already broken off. It doesn't help that is has snowed.

Cheesy picture of the finished product. :) That's the apron my sister-in-law, Katie, gave me.