Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...and Mother's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I also say Happy Father's Day to my Grandpa McCuistion, my brothers, my father-in-law, brothers-in-law, and my dear husband who will someday be a dad. I also say thank-you to my Heavenly Father who blessed me with a wonderful family.

I won't be too cheesy, but I wanted to tribute this post to my Dad, Kim Hakes. I also tribute this post to my mom for a late Mother's Day post. I am not too eloquent with words, BTW. Enjoy, mom and dad!

When I was little, my dad taught me to jitterbug. Here we are doing it on my wedding day.

My Dad (and Mom) is the reason I was able to go to and graduate from college. He was so supportive, both financially and emotionally.

Dominoes, that and Mormon Bridge are classic games we played at home or at the cabin growing up. Dad and his mom, Grandma Hakes, often taught us how to play. The best part is when dad makes corny jokes and then says "the jokes never start" instead of "the jokes never stop."

This is one of my favorite memories of being home while Kelly was deployed. We just jumped into the car and went to see "Swing Vote" and then grabbed some pizza afterwards. Favorite memories with dad and the fam are going to see movies and eating out or BBQ at home. Dad is so easy-going about what we do.

My dad always treats my mom well. They are best friends, and they still hold hands when they go out! One of my favorite stories is even when they had 4 or 5 or so kids (they had nine total), they would still go to the hospital and look at the newborns through the window. They love kids and they love us!

Mom and her two grandaughters, Hailey and Julia. There are two more due this year. She is a wonderful grandma. I am always amazed at how she bonds with each grandkid. She even bonded with my cat when I was living at home, and she already had a cat. I think the best description is she has a mother heart.

Before I married kelly, I went to mom with most problems and frustrations. She is good at solving problems and she is very inspired. She was so understanding when Kelly was deployed and I was living at home again, which was weird at first. I also have fun with her when we go to curves or get cones or take walks. Growing up, I loved my summer "date" with mom. I also love getting together with my sisters and mom now. Love you, mom.

I also want to say that I have a wonderful mother-in-law. Janelle is so thoughtful. When Kelly was gone, she often invited me over for dinner which was a great change of scene. We also went out to eat together and had lots of fun. She is also a wonderful Grandma!

Happy Father's Day to Karl, Kelly's dad, too. He took me shooting for my first real time. I am excited to see what else Karl will take us to do that I have never done: fishing, Alaska, who knows? He is a great husband and father.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tying Up Loose Ends

Yeah, it has been sometime since we have posted...woops. Blogging is kind of like journal writing. You want to do it and you know what you should/want to write about, but when you don't for whatever reason, it is overwhelming to catch up and so you avoid it for a while. The good news is I finally got journal writing down! Here are some random pictures/info from what Kelly and I have been up to.

Even though we aren't parents, Kelly made me a mother's day meal and such. It was very sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed having Kelly cook b/c I learned how he likes to prepare food. Normally, we cook together or I cook (I like to and I have no job).

Our family picture with our cat, Greycoat or the Coat, or Coto. She kept me company while Kelly was deployed. Kelly insisted on putting this picture in our ward directory, so people probably think we are obsessed with our cat...It was more funny to us than anyone else, probably.
My lovely sistas. Hot stuff. Meesa, Kalli, Me, Carrie, Cami, and little Cora in the womb.

The Hakes' siblings-we'll get Chris next time. :)

Almost the whole gang. I love how Julia is looking at Dad's (Grampa's) facial expression and not the camera, which is what he was trying to get the kids to do.

Kelly's two nieces-a very tired Lucy and a cute Ginny. I like Karl's (Kelly's dad's) smile in this photo.

Our lovely lilies are blooming! Now if I could just get our tomato plant to do something. I don't think our little balcony gets enough sun.

We got back from Colorado Springs last Thursday. Kelly did the altitude chamber for work, and I got to hang out and finally tour the AF Academy. This is us at Garden of the Gods-so beautiful. It was cold and rainy most of the week, but such a beautiful city! I got to see the dining hall that I learned about at BYU in my Foodservice Management class. I also got to meet some of Kelly's friends form the Academy.

Wooh, that was a lot of info! One last thing is that I passed my registered dietitian exam the end of May! Now I will hopefully get a REAL job. It has been so nice to have the time to hang out with Kelly. He starts with a new squadron in a couple weeks which means he will have irregular work hours, but the job should be more interesting.

This is Kelly and I sliding down the mountain we hiked in the Alps of Grindelwald, Switzerland. It was steep and slippery, so we improvised.