Wednesday, July 25, 2012

April & May

Here is how Daphne and I passed another deployment together. What I learned: I will go home next time Kelly deploys, even if I have to pay for 2 plane tickets. I felt so sorry for myself I succumbed and bought an iPad, which costs more than a plane ticket. :) On the bright side, I have a really cool iPad now that both Kelly and I enjoy. And Daphne. Sorry there are no pictures of Kelly!
And even though I uploaded these photos in their correct order, they are not in order!

Spring weather is awesome and what better way to enjoy it than reading books on a bankie

Easter Egg hunt for her Mother's Morning Out. It was a little tricky keeping her away from the eggs until it was time to start and then limiting how many she took!

Swings at the Herrin's from church-our Girls' Camp director. We spent some evenings there getting ready for camp!

More Easter Egg hunting

May 31st-My first violin recital with my two students! 
June 2nd-Kelly returns home!

Kelly arrived late at night and so he surprised Daphne the next morning. This was how she greeted him. :)

Back to the MMO egg hunt-she's taking a break to swing

Conference Sunday-it was a long and difficult day, so we made the best  of it!

She wore her curlers for 30 minutes until she got mad at me and took them out. I thought she looked so cute, though. It was fun to do!

Reading her Easter card from "Maga and Paga" Wood

As soon as I could after my surgery, I planted my vegetable garden and dug up some dying grass to plant a flower garden. 

This is the beginnings of my long project

Daphne became obsessed with "ban bans" (bandaids), and while at a stake youth activity our Bishop improvised and  made her some out of duct tape!

At the end of March my dear sister, Carrie (aka Aunt Bear) came to visit. Of course we had to see the NCAA Gymnastics Championships!

We got a babysitter for Daphne

But don't worry, later we took her to get her nails done.

My beautiful hydrangea that I planted 2 years ago...I am so proud of it that  I planted 3 more this year. :)

After planting. I should post a current pic because everything has grown SO much

Playdate at the Seymour's from church. They have a big and beautiful home with lots of fun things to do with kids, like ride a golf cart!

I couldn't find a sitter one weekend and because I was desperate for change, Daphne and I decided to go on a formal date.  We started the night at Stevie B's pizza buffet
Next we headed to Petsmart. This girl loves the animals, especially the dogs!

We finished our date with frozen yogurt. Daphne is still satisfied with a sample. 

I asked her if she wanted to help with dinner and she disappeared. I heard lots of noise in the kitchen which concerned me. She returned with this: flour in a pot. In the kitchen I found a measuring cup next to the flour bin and the pots cupboard open. this girl knows her way around the kitchen!

This is May 10th, so I am about 23 weeks.

This is me at about 24 weeks. As you can see my sweet hubby got me a  body pillow for Mother's Day!

Another pic from when bear visited
Mother's Day weekend-Daphne and I drove to Columbus to see Tash and Leland. Leland has been stuck there awaiting Officer Training and Tash finally got to visit. Daphne warmed up to them very easily!

It was wonderful to see their reunion.

Mother's Day 2012