Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Tribute to America

Today I wanted to attribute this post to the good men and women who serve our country. I know what you're thinking, isn' that the whole purpose of the blog? Well, yeah, it is. But, when I got these pictures from Kelly, I thought two things:
1), is how grateful I am to live in America. The man below with Kelly, a member of the Afghanistan National Army, was so excited to talk to Kelly and other U.S. military members. Sadly, most of the people in Afghanistan have only known terror, and the rest remember what it used to be like. I am fortunate to have never experienced true terror, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I can practice and live my religion here as well. I am also grateful that my husband is willing to go help. He feels better about his service in the military when he is over there.
2), is despite our very different cirumstances, the people in other countries are not that different from me and you. I often forget this. They are also children of our Heavenly Father, which would make them our brothers and sisters.

It may have been the historical campaign results last night that made me feel patriotic, or maybe I just miss Kelly, but I wanted to post these things.

Kelly said: This is me standing at the perimeter wall. Where I'm at now is a little more mountainous and looks like the Southwestern US, actually. I like the nighttime because the base is completely dark and you can see millions of stars and falling stars.

Kelly said: I'm uploading a couple pictures I've taken here at Mehtar Lam. At the end of the day, I went to watch a pickup soccer game with the local Afghan National Army soldiers and some Americans mixed in. I took a picture and this guy saw my camera and wanted me to take one with him. He was funny. Occasionally other guys would come over to us and try to talk to us and show us their radios and guns.