Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank Heavens For Little Girls

Sometimes I feel like my 3-year-old isn't really three. Case in point: one night this week while reading scriptures, she told me very seriously that she only wanted to do "good jobs" and no more "bad jobs." I said that is very sweet and a good idea to try that, but then I explained that its ok if she messes up because mommy forgives her. And I told her about Jesus and how we do our best and he makes up the rest. She then said she is perfect and she doesn't need Jesus. GASP. So, I explained that everyone needs Jesus. Which prompted my favorite question that I hear 100 times everyday, "why?" I  proceeded to explain a three-year-old version of why we do and she very earnestly said she can be Jesus and doesn't need him. SIGH. So, I re-directed a little and decided to talk about humility. Not sure if I reached her, but she stopped insisting she didn't need Jesus, and even liked the word humble when I explained it to her. She went to bed without any other questions. I have to say this was better than the Priesthood conversation we had a couple months ago. I am grateful I get to bear my testimony to her in simple terms. My goal is to always keep the Spirit there...I can only pray I'm doing it right. Meanwhile, it makes for a good laugh with Kelly later on.

Tonight we took Daphne's 3-year-old pictures in the woods by her preschool. She is so funny and all of these poses are her.