Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming Home!

This is Kelly receiving his awards for serving in Afghanistan: Operation Enduring Freedom. He said he gets about seven (?) medals. That is awesome! Good job Kelly! Welcome Home!

He received these medals while at Bagram AFB. He was there for 4 days before he flew to Manas, Kyrgyzstan. From there he flew to Turkey, Germany, and then Baltimore. He stayed the night in Baltimore last night. He flew out this morning to first Cinncinati and then Salt Lake City. He arrives at 16:09 or 4:09pm. I will get a gate pass so I can meet him right when he gets off the plane. We are so excited to be together again! It has been an interesting first year of marriage, but still very wonderful. Don't you just love the holster and the gun? So cool.

This is something I am proud of. I designed and decorated this bulletin board for my internship. I am now done with my internship, well just a few odds and ends to finish.

Thanks to mom who helped me haul all of mine and Kelly's belongings in our new apartment. We moved several boxes for three days, but then had the Elder's quorum move the furniture. Kelly's family helped us move out last July. Here we are returning the U-haul early in the morning and it was cold!

Lastly, this is a farewell sort of night out with my parents and sisters. I love Ruby Tuesday, and the company was great too. :) I loved being able to spend time with my family and Kelly's family while Kelly was away. Thanks everyone for being so supportive and good to us!