Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Some Reason...

this video reminded me of the Haught Family.They always put the important things first-Family. You are awesome, Tash. You are tough and sweet and good. Jen, you are so strong. Houston, I love you chooter. I love all of you, even Dallas who never can remember if my name is Kalli or Cassi (it's Cassi BTW). I love you so much Aunt Cathy. I have a little necklace you gave me for my bday years ago that has a "C" charm on it. I look at it and think of you. You are the toughest of all. I love my Kelly too and our families. I am grateful for temples.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

Kelly and I went to Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park Labor Day weekend. We are moving next year, so we need to take advantage of the beautiful things nearby before we end up in Clovis or something. Here are some of my favorite pictures. I had more, but blogspot was acting up. I am just amazed by the beauty in these places.

I love the way they sit and their wet chins!

Loved seeing this too!

Kelly and Old Faithful. It wasn't as cool as we thought, but impressive because it shoots off ever;y 90 minutes.

Just amazing. I hope Yellowstone never blows.

The Grand Tetons!

Hiking near Jenny Lake

Daddy Moose, aka Bullwinkle

Kelly is in Vegas for 18 days, which is much better than Afghanistan. I get to see him next weekend too. He is working Green Flag with the fighter squadron, which will give him some good experiences. I hung out with my not-so-little sister Meesa (she is going to BYU) last night and today. We had fun going out to dinner and chatting. She is so beautiful and grown up!

We put in our list to PCS this week. Kelly’s commander forgot to submit it on the day it was due (great), but he got it in two days later with a good recommendation. Some of the places are UK, Denver, Florida, West Virginia, Nebraska, San Antonio, and many others. We aren’t holding our breath for the UK, but we’d love it. We will like any place, though. It'll be an adventure. We’ll keep you posted!