Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Bear Bear" and "Talli" Visit

I just love my sisters. They make me so happy. They are all so special and beautiful and wonderful aunts to my girls. Carrie, aka "Bear Bear", has lived in Boston for the last year and a half. She has done amazing work counseling. She has had some interesting roommates too. She has served in the temple and taken lots of weekend trips to states up and down the East coast with friends and her ward. She visits other friends, goes to big cities, and participates in service projects (like cleaning up Hurricane Sandy in NYC). I'd say she had a great time in Boston. Not to mention several of us Hakes made it a good excuse to see Boston ourselves. But, it was time to move back to Cruces. So Kalli, aka Talli (currently teaching seminary and missonary prep and getting ready to move somewhere and get her teaching license to teach high school), flew out and packed up Carrie and made the 4 day drive home. They stopped halfway for 3 nights in good ol GA to see the Kelly and Cassi Wood family...that's us! What did we do? We got yogurt a couple times, went to church, took walks, got nails done, zumba'd, played with the girls, and watched movies with Kelly at night. I finally saw Skyfall, which for a James Bond movie I liked it. Here are some pictures from the nail salon. I would have to say this was by far the best pedicure I ever paid money for (I've only had maybe 7-10?). I received a gift card to this place after helping a friend. It is called "Nail Luv". No idea if it is a chain, but it was great. I always wonder when they are talking in Chinese to one another if they are making fun of my feet. Have you ever wondered that? I cannot stand the part where they take the cheese grater and shave my feet., or whatever. I think I jerked my knee about 5 times, each time the guy laughed at me. But, my feet feel pretty now.

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